[TWITTER UPDATE] June 20, 2011 Translation

21 Jun

3.00 am

LeeTeuk (SUJU) : 다음주 수요일 놀러와 프로그램에 tvxq, super junior, girl`s generation, fx 출연합니다 이들에게 궁금한점 제 트위터로 받습니다..^^ 전세계의 모든 팬들의 질문 받아요~^^

Translation : tvxq, super junior, girl`s generation, fx will appear on program next Wednesday. (If you have) any wonder about them, tweet it to me..^^ I will take the question of fans from all over the world~^^

BoA : Coins.. Need to use all in this week!!

ShiWon (SUJU) : 오늘도 좋은하루 그리고 이번한주도 힘찬한주 보내시길 기도합니다! Have a good day and have a wonderful week 🙂

Translation : Even today a good day and to be spirited as well for this week.Pray for today! Have a good day and have a wonderful week:)

4.00 am

BoA : This is funny!! RT @therlynn: @BoA_1105 will u fall in love with a hot n sexy actor while in Hollywood…?? Hahaha~~~

9.00 am

Lee Hong Ki (FTIsland) : 이번에는 뭘까요^^?

Translation : What is it this time^^?

Lee Hong Ki (FTIsland) : @happyhiro4: @skullhong 멋지다! 그것은 팬도 살 수 있도록 해야 합니다”원캐럿가면 할수있음

Translation :  @happyhiro4: @skullhong Cool! Got to make it available for fans too” You can do so at 1 Carat.

No Min Woo : 생각하고 행동하는대로 몸이 변화하니까 내 몸을 소중히 여겨야해

Translation : As I thought and acted, the body’s changed. My body should be cherished

Lee Hong Ki (FTIsland) : 막방이자나이제^^ 나또 네일모하지 일본투어할때..알려줘봐

Translation : Having our goodbye stage soon^^ What should I do on my nails again? For the Japan tour.. Ideas please?

10.00 am

No Min Woo : In style 6월호 🙂

Translation :  In style June Issue 🙂

11.00 am

Vanness Wu : 吳建豪Van Ness[C’est La “V”]又一新單曲”命定”首播 6/20-6/22 POP Radio (台北流行音樂電台) FM 91.7

Translation : Van Ness [C’est La “V”] is another new single, “Destiny” premiere 6/20-6/22 POP Radio (Taipei pop radio) FM 91.7

12.00 am

Vanness Wu : 環球小編: Van Ness 吳建豪 恭喜環球唱片的所有師兄師姐們.. 恭喜Karen&Da mouth

Translation : Global Xiaobian: Van Ness Van Ness Congratulations to all brothers Shijie Men Universal Music .. Congratulations Karen & Da mouth

3.00 pm

No Min Woo : 한강이다오바 🙂

Translation : It’s Han River. Over 🙂

5.00 pm

Shin Dong (SUJU) : 여러분 혹시 하데 하십니까?? 오후~~ 잼잇네… 근데 또!! 신동 닮앗데!!! 죽여버려!! 누구랑 비교하는거야!! 기분나쁘게!! 걔뚱뚱하잔아!! ㅋㅋㅋ … 음…. 내무덤을 파는구만…

Translation : Does anybody play ‘Ha-de’? Ohoo~ It’s fun… But then!! apparently it looks like Shindong!!! Kill it!! Who’re they comparing it to!! Makes me feel upset!! He’s fat!!ㅋㅋㅋ..hmm… I’m digging my own grave here..

Kim Hyung Jun : 와이드 연예뉴스 첫방송 잘마쳤어요 재밌네.

Translation : Worldwide entertainment news first got out of broadcasting it’s funny.

Heo Young Saeng : [Reply Hyung Jun] 말더듬지마라 ㅋㅋㅋ

Translation : Stuttering Do not support kekeke

9.00 pm

BoA : Last week of shooting started. Here we go!!!

GO (MBLAQ) : 말도안되게 즐겁다… 최고..

Translation : Ridiculously fun. Top …

11.00 pm

RyeoWook (SUJU) : 오늘 저의 생일이에요 ^^ 캬캬 우리 형 누나들이 축하해주고 있어요 케익들고 찰칵 뮤지컬<늑대의 유혹>도 많이 기대해주세요!!!!! 아오~~~~ㅋㅋ

Translation : Today is my birthday ^^kya kya Our hyungs and noonas are celebrating to me. Took one photo with holding the cake. Please look forward to musical<Temptation of Wolf> too!!!!!…


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